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I’m off the Commerce Starter Kit community

To make a long story short, the people running the Commerce Starter Kit development and community seem a little short minded. They censor threads where other developers like me share a view different from their view.

What just happened is almost hilarious. I wonder what they would do if I told them I think the platform is average, but not good. What would they do if I told them that they should be using custom controls to make sense of ASP.NET 2.0 theming and skinning capabilities. Or that they should be creating a better object model instead of just throwing readers to the UI. Or that they should consider being multi-site or multi-currency. Or that they should care about web standards and good web design. It’s not that they don’t care or they won’t. Maybe they do; there are already some improvements on the way. It’s that they don’t like people telling them anything that don’t go with their believing.

I started a thread asking why they wouldn’t use an Object Relational Mapper to handle the data access management. And if there were any plans to replace the IDataReaders with custom or generic collections, of the type IList<Product> for example. It turned out that they dislike so much the OR/M subject that I got accused of “posting so much probably for other reasons”. WTF?

This is what spookythooth had to say on a PM after he locked the thread and I asked him what was that all about:

“Ez I have had griefers on my forums before and they all do the same things- spam the crap out of threads and cause arguments. Some people live off that and rather than just ban you (which I was tempted to do) I decided to hear from you why you have posted more than any other forum user in the last 6 months. That's a lot of time spent to tell a lot of people why they're wrong don't you think? You're not helping when you do that - you're especially not helping when post wrong things - which is what you did. No one does that unless they're trying to piss people off.

When I looked over your activity and your posts this last weekend I can't help but think you're the kind of guy that likes to argue. Go do it on your own CS site (which yes, I took a look at). This forum is for helping people, not arguing.

I still want to know why you have posted so much over the last few days.”

If you build a community you expect people to participate in it, not to refrain from doing it. Besides, you can see I tried to help on many other threads on that forum.

Here’s my answer so my point stays clear:

“I probably like to argue, I won't say I don't. But what I really like is to exchange knowledge. If you say I'm wrong you believe you're right. What would you say if I told you the one who's wrong is you?

I think the thread in where I posted about taking values from the QueryString turned out helpful in the end. I was wrong, but the original code could be considered wrong too. The result from the conversation was a better pattern for it.

I hope to be clear now on the OR/M thread. This is stuff I'm trying and I see it coming with a positive result. But what I like most is to bring the model to a fully object-oriented one. So in the end, it won't matter if the provider is using NHibernate or SqlClient.

As a side note, this isn't something that happens often to me, but maybe I don't fully understand the things you write the way you meant them because english is not my native language. I could be expressing myself wrong for the same reason.

For example, I don't understand if you are referring to my activity on that particular thread or the whole forum. I've been posting since the beginning. Reporting bugs, asking questions, sharing my point of view, etc. I posted so much the last few days because I took time to work again with the code because I'm trying to build an e-commerce site. And I didn't just post on that thread. What I do, so you understand why I post on some threads or start new ones, is read all that I haven't read. When I find something I know the answer (or at least I believe I know it) or I happen to have a new question I write it. I don't see what's strange about it. I'm actually trying to read all the unread messages to learn and share what I can.”

Well, you can’t read the OR/M thread anymore. The bosses didn’t like my latest post and the OR/M thread has gone. You can still see it existed by the published RSS, but you won’t be able to access any of the posts in there.

So, I've decided to step aside and not share anything I came up with from the application. At least there.

If you build a community, you have to encourage conversations not the other way around. And I still don't understand what those other reasons could be. I wonder what is all this paranoid about? sigh...

Published Monday, February 27, 2006 7:01 PM by eespindola
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