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Blog Updated to Community Server 2 Beta 2!

I've updated our Community Server installation to version 2 Beta 2 a couple of days ago. The URL Mapping possibilities are getting better. This time only one small change to a config file was needed, and the location of each blog folder was taken into account as a nice detail.

With the help of the explanation of Dan Bartels on how to set up Community Server 2 to blog at the root I changed this line in SiteUrls.config:

    <location name="weblogs" path="/blogs/" />


    <location name="weblogs" path="/" physicalPath="/blogs/"  />

And that was it. That’s all is needed to put multiple blogs at the root of the domain now. There is a substantial difference from what I’ve had to do before don’t you think?

There is no need to move all the files from /blogs/ to the root anymore. But as a nice detail, you still need to put the folder of your blog at the root if you want it to work without having to write the “default.aspx” part explicitly. If you don’t, you’ll get a 404 File Not Found error.
In my case, that would be instead of
You also need to move /blogs/default.aspx to the root if you want to show the aggregated blogs page instead of the default home page of Community Server. I renamed the default one to DefaultOld.aspx just in case.

I’ve also reported some bugs I found during the update. One is about the Contact page failing when installing CS2 Beta 2 from scratch, other is a bug on the update script schema where “dbo” is not specified on the creation of the cs_ThreadRatings table. The latest one is about a secondary community working on the same database but for another URL not being retrieved anymore. Instead the first community is shown. I have no solution yet for this one.

Update: While I was writing this, Alex Lowe posted the fix for the secondary community problem. The 'enableVirtualization' setting on communityserver.config must be set to true.

Published Tuesday, January 17, 2006 1:59 PM by eespindola
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