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NewsMonster Screws Firefox 1.5

I've just re-installed Firefox 1.5. broke it. Silly me, I wanted to try it and didn't notice the site was last updated 3 years ago and the requirements state Mozilla 1.0. I don't know how well did it work in Firefox 1.0, but it screws 1.5 completely.

Two things come out of this. First, Firefox should have a better way to handle software that it's not prepared for it and will break it. Second, I don't get why someone can create a software application that breaks in future hosts and abandon it in favor of not one, but two different projects that seem exactly the same at first sight.

I found out about NewsMonster yesterday when reading this post by Kevin Burton on the new acquisition of Yahoo!, WebJay. He mentions, one of his aggregator projects. And from there I got to and
I'm still trying to find out what works best for me as an RSS aggregator. I don't buy much on the idea of having it all on a web page just yet, so I wanted to try NewsMonster first. Well, you know what happened.

I'm willing to give a chance to the web applications because I know they won't break my browser. But I’m starting wondering what the real difference between them is and already thinking that have better intentions. That means that without having a clue, I already choose a winner just because they didn’t treat me bad.

Morale: don't go around up starting new stuff hoping to be acquired by some big company to get rich and forget about your users. You'll never win that way.

One extra though on the ‘don’t have a clue’. I’m finding difficult to understand what all these new web applications are about. May be it’s just me, but I think they should try to improve their communication. I want to know what is good in them in practical words, not marketing ones. I want to understand what all is about without thinking too much. I want it to be intuitive. There is a lack of intuitiveness on the web.

Published Tuesday, January 10, 2006 5:58 AM by eespindola
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