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Urchin becomes Google Analytics [for free] and collapses ;)

Old news already, Google renamed their Urchin service to Google Analytics and made it free for everyone. I just played a little with it and it's cool. Little scary though, you're giving all your website usage precious data to Google, the company that wants to dominate the world's information! ;)

I've used some web analitycs software but not much, so my opinion is not that of an expert but I think that the new interface is not just simple and usable, it's just excellent. I'll see what I can get from it in the next few months, but so far I liked it. It's like they put the ROI concept up front and that's good for anyone wanting to drive a site not only as a hobby. Have you played with the funnels? That's nice info!

Anyway, it turns out that now the service is not taking any new sign-ups because it had some huge demand and little troubles.

For those of you wanting to know what do yo gain from it as a webmaster or interested into applying it to Community Server, Dennis van der Stelt sum it's up here.

As Seth Godin says "... if it's possible to test and measure successfully in a medium, it's inevitable that people will test and measure. And when your competition tests and measures, they're going to evolve faster than you do.". So go and implement it.
Published Sunday, November 20, 2005 7:16 PM by eespindola
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